Should Employees go Back to Work after COVID-19?

Should employees go back to work after the COVID-19 crisis is the biggest debate now. People around the globe have adjusted themselves to work from home. They are working from home since a year.

When questioned about this most of the employees feel that they are happily working from home. Some felt that the sky did not fall down even if they did not go to office. Then why can’t this be continued?

People feel that they are able to work efficiently when they work from home. In fact, they are working harder than before. The time taken for travelling is saved. The traffic jams, stress and the strain has decreased unlike before. Less time for gossiping and more focus on work.

Apparently, people seem to be happy with their reallocating their work and balancing their work with their chores at home. Young mothers felt that they are able to take care of their children well and are able to spend more time with kids.

Human beings are basically social animals hence they need to socialize to be productive in their professional life. They can not live a solitary life for long.

Some people argue that people go to office to waste time. These people need to understand that there is value in getting together.

It builds trust among colleagues. Managers feel that work from home is fine but for performance reviews, company parties, strategic planning training colleagues, welcoming new employees and resolving conflict working from office is a must.

Though work from home has many advantages, certain projects require a high degree of cooperation. Few managers feel that in-person work is better for creativity but then few oppose this by saying that the creativity can be on a zoom call too.

Whatever it is, work from home option depends on the kind of job the employees does. Creative jobs need lots of collaboration and brainstorming which is effective in the office. That’s the reason why people from these jobs are asking “When can I come back”? rather than “Do I have to come back”?

Now the question you ask defines you!

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