Rich People are leaving India for Better Investment says GWM Review

rich leaving india post covid

Yes, more and more rich Indians are leaving India for better Investment and opportunities. According to the Global Wealth Migration Review, the statistics show a startling effect on the minds of Indians.

If you guessed that only the corrupt scamsters are leaving India, then you are absolutely wrong. Even if this is the case, then it is the failure of the government, as they are leaving with the country’s wealth.

Surprisingly, genuine wealthy job creating entrepreneurs are leaving India for better prospects. This is a bigger failure of the government as the policies of the government are driving them to do so. It shows that they do not have faith in the government.

5000 – Indian millionaires moved abroad in 2020

63% – increase in interest in investment migration

23,000 – Indian millionaires have left India after 2014

6800 – Ultra-high net worth individuals moved to other countries.

113 – Billionaires call India their home.

Earlier, Indians migrated to other countries for education. The government had huge concern for the brain drain. Many policies came up for the same.

After 2014, the situation worsened. The brain drain did stop instead became the aim of the educated youth of this country. Anyone who pursues engineering, aims to get a job in Europe or US.

The main reasons for such an attitude in the Indians is because of:

Economy is in doldrums

The economy is in doldrums, hence, many businesses suffered the worst. In fact after the mismanagement of COVID-19, people lost hope in the government, as there found no means of coming back to normal.

Unpredictable Policies

Unpredictable policies of the government such as Demonetization and the introduction of GST has broken the hearts of the business men. The policies are introduced by the present government without prior information.

The impact of these policies on the businesses is very high.

Intervention of Supreme Court

The highest court and the other government agencies like NIA, CBI and IT departments have become puppets in the hands of the present government. Businesses received set back due to the intervention of the Supreme Court in trivial matters.

Licenses are cancelled for simple reasons. Only people favoring the government or the businesses favoring the government are working.

It becomes important to mention that Ambani and Adani are the business men who receive the support by the government.

Mismanagement of the COVID-19

Lockdown in India was announced suddenly, without proper planning. The plight of the migrant workers was so pathetic. Many people died on their way back home. People in India came to know the true administration policies of the present government during this time.

Corona Exposed the Government

The COVID-19 pandemic was taken very lightly. The heads of the government pacified people by instructing them that Corona was curable by lighting lamps, Clapping hands, making noise with the plates, using cow urine and cow dung, above all practicing Yoga.

However, Corona did not listen to the heads of the government but exposed all of them with the second wave. The whole world came to know the mismanagement of COVID-19.


Many people died due to lack of oxygen, hospital beds and good medical facilities. Most of them lost their loved ones. The government remained undeterred. Meanwhile, the leaders were busy campaigning for the elections.

Even the mismanagement of vaccines added to this. People lost hope in the government and its policies. Hence people are migrating from this country in search of greener pastures.

People are tired now

People are tired of listening to long speeches of nationalism and they are no more interested to live life under radicals. Anyways, reservations play an important role in the lives of the people in India. The rich or the upper caste do not find anything worthy to live here.

The so called nationalists spread their ideologies and arouse people in the name of religion and rule the country by oppressing the poor. There is no hope left for the youth as India is very far from the rest of the world.