Novavax Vaccine: COVID-19 Shot About 90% Effective -Study

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American biotechnology company and vaccine maker Novavax said that its vaccine is about 90 per cent effective against COVID-19. According to preliminary data, adding that the shot also protected against variants.

Novavax Vaccine maker claimed that its shot is highly effective against COVID-19. Moreover, it protects against variants. They are making this claims as extensive studies in the US and Mexico were conducted.

After the studies they claims that the vaccine is about 90% effective and preliminary data showed it was safe.

Meanwhile, there is a dramatic drop in the US for COVID-19 shots, but the demand around the world remains critical.

Since the Novavax vaccine, is easy to store and transport, hence the vaccine supplies may play an important role in the developing world.

However, the company is seeking authorization for the vaccine in the US, Europe and elsewhere in few months. It is planning to produce up to 100 million doses a month by September.

Novavax vaccine is made with lab grown copies of the protein which gets ready to fight the virus off. It can be stored in standard refrigerators. It can be distributed easily.

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