Black Fungus is more Dangerous than Covid-19, Know Why?

black fungus

Many people who have battled and defeated with COVID-19 are not recovering. According to research, Black fungus a deadly fungus is effecting the COVID-19 victor. However, the medical term for this is ‘Mucormycosis’.

This deadly fungus infects the COVID-19 victors. It is said that, the colonies of the ‘Black fungus’ is produced in the mouth and nasal sinuses.

Mucor, a natural fungus is found everywhere around us. It is found in the soil, plants, contaminated food etc. It enters the human body through the nose and mouth. The spores of this black fungus enter into the body while inhalation.

Normally, Mucor does not cause much damage to the human body. It can not affect the human body due to the immune system. However, during the pandemic or any disease, mucor turns devastating as the immunity system weakens. The infection is so rapid that it is faster the forest fire. many people succumb to this infection.


The infection starts with a small mouth ulcer, stuffy or running nose. The person may have a mild head ache or red eyes. Very soon, the eyelids may become puffy and droopy. Facial muscles become weak and vision starts reducing. If immediate treatment is not given, the patient may become drowsy and disoriented. He may develop brain strokes and slip into coma. Death would soon follow.

Who is vulnerable to Black Fungus?

Firstly, patients who are diabetic and with uncontrolled sugar levels. Secondly, patients who are undergoing chemotherapy are the most vulnerable. The patients are infected by Mucormycosis after 2-3 weeks of defeating COVID-19.

Reasons as to why post COVID patients are vulnerable to Black Fungus 

Indiscriminate use of steroids while treating COVID-19 may suppress the  immune system. Steroid worsen diabetes control.

Indiscriminate use of Oxygen without taking necessary precautions to ensure cleanliness. Usually, oxygen is humidified with water before giving it to other patients. If it is not cleaned , it may contain small spores of mucor. These may enter the nostrils while giving oxygen.

Poor hygienic practices post COVID-19.


Since treatment is too limited, prevention is the best precaution. It is a must to strictly maintain personal hygiene.

Gargles and nasal douching with betadine may help. Keep blood sugars under control.

Use steroids and suppressants under the supervision of a physician. Use only distilled water as a humidifier while delivering oxygen to the other patient.

Do not ignore early symptoms like mouth ulcers, running nose, with bloody nasal discharge, persistent headaches or mild decrease in the vision.

Do not panic. Just be vigilant. If we are careless, then we may end up in a scary situation of death. Beware, if COVID-19 doesn’t get you, mucor will…

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