Mr. Modi, Nation wants to know; Who’s accountable?


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A ghastly attack on Indian paramilitary personnel in Pulwama took place in 2019, the whole country was in a state of shock. There were violent reactions and an ultimate reaction too had been designated and framed into another series of violent acts –which we called it as vengeance then and were very happy with the vengeance and after that almost attained normality.

Patriotism turned to hatred:

This attack on the paramilitary personnel had been used successfully to turn patriotism into a state of hatred. With a strategic plan today patriotism has nothing great about it. Secularism has become derogatory. Only when you are hardened, insensitive, angry on your enemy then you are termed as a patriot.

Pakistan accepts the Pulwama terror attack:

Now that Pakistan has finally accepted the truth of the Pulwama terror attack, and wants to dig open the wounds due to the Pulwama attack, the Nation wants to know what action will the Indian government take? The statement of the Pakistani minister in Parliament has now raised many concerns about the safety and security of our security personnel. When Avaaz24 team had asked about the statements made by the Pakistani ministers, the reactions of the wives of the Indian soldiers who were killed in the attack, demanded action against Pakistan.
Ministers of the ruling party are now boasting about their comments then and blaming the opposition of their comments they made then. The ruling party is seeking an apology from the opposition and vice- versa. The leaders are busy with their cheap politics.

Terrorist attack

A terror group of Pakistan attacked CRPF convoy in Pulwama, in which 40 soldiers were martyred, in February 2019. India had already blamed Pakistan for this attack, but the PAK has been denying it. Now that Fawad Chaudhary, a minister in Imran’s government said in his statement that Pulwama was a major success of the government of Pakistan. He confessed in their Parliament that the Pulwama terror attack has been a big success for the Imran government, India needs to react.

soldiers are precious too

Our soldiers are brave hearts. They are also precious human beings, who protect us with their lives, their bravery, their sense of readiness for self-sacrifice. Their protection should be given more importance – from heartless terrorists as well as from policy and intelligence bungling.

who is Accountable?

Anger fills us and overflows us but are helpless to do anything, when we hear about the deaths of soldiers but is there any accountability on the part of the government. We need to raise our patriotic spirit and be accountable for each and every soldier and their families. Not to forget our farmers who commit suicides. The question still persists, who is accountable?

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