PM Modi didn’t take single leave in last 9 years, Did he?

Image: The Times of India

When the report was released that PM Modi didn’t take a single leave in all his 9 years, there was an uproar on social media. People have seen him wander from one country to another and many other unofficial programs.

Netizens feel that people who admire him are unable to differentiate between official and personal things. The netizens have listed a few things which are evident that the participation of the PM in these things is unofficial.

Meditation in Caves

 Visited temples and churches

 Met his mother


Narendra Modi went for jungle safaris and shot with Bear Grylls, and campaigned for BJP seats in different states during elections. He picked garbage on beaches and spent a lot of time on creating videos and audio regarding ‘Mann ki Baat’ etc.

All the above said things can not be taken up as official things. Hence, netizens question the government and seek an explanation about the status of them.

Netizens have also given the list of dates and asked for an explanation

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