Modi a dream seller to the world, but a mere Day dreamer to India


 Prime Minister Modi gives long speeches in many International Conferences, summits etc. He represents India in every country he visits with his traditional expensive suits and gives a rosy picture about India. He talks about big opportunities and unimaginable big numbers in terms of currency to the poor in our country.

The situation is quite opposite here. That entire rosy picture is just an eyewash to others and the people who have faith in his work. A country can be termed as a developed country based on their socio-economic conditions.

Firstly, talking about Socialism, it is just another word in the constitution. No one really knows what it means especially when it comes to caste-based or gender-based issues.  Hathras case is proof. On the other hand, a Panchayat Raj chairman, had to sit down as she belonged to Dalit caste. Rapes, Racial discrimination, etc are still prevalent in New India, promised by the PM.

Creating an impression with his eloquent speeches is not the only responsibility of the PM. He is silent most of the times when it comes to social issues, more specifically to the ruthless Yogi Adityanath administration.

The gruesome nature of the Hathras case shook the whole country, but it has not moved the PM at all. He remained silent. Whereas he gives long replies and speeches to the slightest comment made by the opposition, or to comment about the Gandhis’. This is not expected from a Prime Minister who himself belongs to OBC.

In a bid to bring foreign investors to India he praises India to be a vibrant country with political stability. Though PM Modi hides the ugly truths of the nation, but the world is watching him.

PM Modi thinks, India is a reflection of BJP, now Modi has become the reflection of Hathras to the world.

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