Kerala Nuns attacked in UP by Bajrang Dal Members

The nuns were also forced to de-board the train in the night mercilessly, just because of a suspicion over conversions.


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Two Nuns were attacked and accused of religious conversions. The nuns were also forced to de-board the train in the night mercilessly, just because of a suspicion over conversions.

As far as the country is concerned, it is moving towards an uncertain future. It looks as if ‘No one can save our country in the near future too’. This is what seems to be the situation in India now. No action was taken on the above incident even though an official letter was written to the Home Minister.

Nuns questioned and harassed

Two Nuns and their assistants were attacked by the Bajrang Dal members. They questioned and harassed the women in a moving train. Since, they were not happy with their answers, the Bajrang Dal members forcefully got them off the train in Jhansi, Uttarapradesh.

These Bajrang Dal members were returning from a training session. They had a suspicion that the nuns were converting the two assistants into Christianity. Immediately, they were asked to show their Aadhar cards and spoke rudely.

Inquiry conducted

Furthermore, the nuns had to get off the train and then an inquiry was made.  They inquired them regarding their religion caste and creed. Only when they felt assured that there was no conversion going on, they allowed them to proceed in their journey.

Lately came to light

Though the incident took place on March 19, it came to light only on 24th March. Meanwhile, the chief Minister of Kerala Mr. Pinaray Vijayan wrote a letter to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah about this incident. Consequently, Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister promised to take action but nothing as such has happened till now.

Videos went viral

The nuns traveling on the Haridwar-Puri Utkal Express on March 19, were forced to get off the train at Jhansi. A 25 seconds video which went viral shows the nuns and their assistants surrounded by some men, some of whom appear to be policemen.

Men question the nuns

On the other hand, Bajrang Dal members were very rude with the women… “Go get your luggage. You will be sent home if what you are saying is correct” a man is heard saying.

“Why are you indulging in netagiri,” another said.

Arre what netagiriChaliye madam. Jaldi uthao samaan,”  a third said.

Interrogated in Jhansi police station

It is said that Jhansi Railway Police station personnel and the Bajrang Dal members together interrogated them. Subsequently, many other videos and photographs from the Jhansi railway station have become viral now.

The videos show us the real trauma and how the nuns were harassed to get off the train. Besides, they were also abused and forced to move to the Jhansi Railway Police Station.

Finally, after the interrogation, they were allowed to proceed in their journey.

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