‘Love Jihad’ – An Imagined Conspiracy

love jihad

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, is the torch–bearer of BJP ruled states. These states passed a new law by the name ‘Love Jihad’.

RSS/Sangh Parivar

Love Jihad is an imagined conspiracy publicized by the RSS. They alleged that Muslim men convert Hindu women by forcing them into marriage. Interfaith couples are targeted with these laws.

Apparently, just to prove their point, the Sangh Parivar, instead harasser many couples and Muslims in Uttar Pradesh. However, The Union Home Ministry and the Uttar Pradesh Police were unable to offer concrete evidence of ‘love Jihad’.

Protection of interfaith couples

In June 2021, a case of interfaith was brought to the Allahabad Court seeking directions. Allahabad court directed the police to protect the interfaith couple. The police can not take any action against them unless there is any allegation made by the woman that she is forcibly converted and married.

Subsequently, the couple said that they were adults and hence entered into the marriage of their own free will. They in turn filed a writ petition to issue necessary directions, so that no one can interfere in their marital life and liberty.

Interfaith couples Targeted

Earlier, in December, an interfaith couple were targeted and troubled. Their parents were pressurized to parrot everything against the couple by the Bajrang Dal leaders. They attacked the couple and beat the boy and the girl badly.

Unfortunately, the girl had a miscarriage. After a series of incidents, the girl was pressurized to make allegations against the boy. The case took a different twist when the girl said that she is 22 and she married the boy on her free will.

Pressure on Interfaith Couple

In a recent case, A 24- year-old Sikh woman from the district of Muzzaffar nagar, alleged that a man in her neighborhood married her after forcing to change her religion.
Consequently, the two brothers were booked under the anti-conversion law.

The two Muslim men were booked for rape and fraud. They were charged under the state’s anti-conversion law on the basis of her complaint. She alleged that the two men prepared false documents to present her as a Muslim woman.

False Allegations

However, the man she accused is in jail at present. Meanwhile his brother is absconding. When the woman was brought before the Magistrate for recording her statement, she denied the allegations.

The woman denied all the allegations against the brothers. She even denied that she married one of the accused. On questioning, she claimed that she got the FIR lodged due to the pressures she received from a Hindu Organization.

It is proved many a times that the so called ‘Love Jihad’ is an imagined Conspiracy, which is just a tool used by politicians to win elections and arouse hatred among the people.

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