Bajrang Dal Activist who Broke the Plaque in a Temple with Muslim donor’s name released

bajrang dal activist
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Bajrang Dal activist Deepak Rajur, vandalized the Water cooler Foundation Stone or the Temple Plaque in the Khereshwar Mahadev Temple in Aligarh’s Lodha area two days ago.

According to sources, Salman Shahid, a Samajwadi party’s youth wing state treasurer donated the water cooler to Khereshwar Mahadev temple in Aligarh’s Lodha area.

The Samajwadi party leader donated the water cooler to the temple on June 28 after discussing it with the temple authorities.

The Bajrang Dal activist barged into a temple on Thursday and vandalized a water cooler’s foundation plaque. Since the plaque had the name of a Muslim leader.

Meanwhile, BJP MP Satish Gautam supported the activities of Bajrang Dal. Moreover, he said that a Muslim’s name in the temple hurt the sentiments of the Hindu Community.

Very soon, Police arrested the main accused, Deepak Rajur. However, he was later released on bail following protests by the Bajrang Dal members.

Contrary to this, the temple committee filed a police complaint that some “anti social elements” entered the temple and vandalized the stone. Satyapal Singh, the committee head has demanded a probe into the matter.

Satyapal Singh told TOI, “We did not find any problem in installing the foundation stone inside the temple with the politician’s name. Unfortunately, after this incident, we apologized to him and returned the water cooler to maintain peace in the town”.

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