BJP MLA Warns Javed Akhtar Over Remarks of RSS-Taliban.

javed akhtar

Maharashtra MLA and BJP spokesperson Ram Kadam warned writer-lyricist Javed Akhtar over his remarks of RSS-Taliban.

On Saturday, he announced that no film involving Javed Akthar will be allowed to be released in India. He demanded for an apology from Javed Akhtar, for comparing Rashtriya Sevak Sangh (RSS) to Taliban.

However, his sharp reaction came from the BJP MLA, a day after the poet-lyricist drew a parallel between the Taliban and RSS.

Ram Kadam shared a video message on Twitter, and said, “This statement by Javed Akhtar is not just shameful, but painful and humiliating for crores of functionaries of the Sangh and the Viswa Hindu Parishad and crores of people across the world who follow their ideology”

Ram Kadam said that the functionaries of this group serve the poorest of the poor. He said that Javed Akhtar was insulting all of them.

“Before making these remarks, he should have thought that people with the same ideology are running the government now, are fulfilling raj dharma. If the ideology was Talibani would he be able to make these remarks? This shows how hollow his statements are,” the BJP MLA said.

Earlier, speaking to NDTV on Thursday, Javed Akhtar said, the right-wing across the world want the same things.  “Just like the Taliban want an Islamic State, there are those who want a Hindu Rashtra. These people are of the same mindset – be it Muslim, Christian, Jews or Hindus.”

He further said, “Of course, the Taliban is barbaric, and their actions are reprehensible. Moreover, those supporting the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are all the same, ”he said.

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