Is the Data of 150 Million Users of Co-win App Leaked?

co-win app data

A website claimed on Thursday that the data of 150 million Indian users of co-win app, who got registered for the corona vaccine is leaked. It is leaked on the dark web.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health have denied the data leak. On questioning, the ministry said that the matter will be investigated. The slot for COVID-19 vaccination in the country is booked through the Co-Win App.

People need to submit their Aadhar Card or any other government ID card, phone number and location to book slots on Co-Win. The report claimed that the phone numbers and the Aadhar card details of 150 million Indian users are leaked.

It is claimed on Data Leak Market on Thursday that a database of 150 million Indian users taking the COVID-19 vaccine is for sale for $800. The website claims that the leak of data is by a reseller and not the original leaker.

The leaked data consists of names, Aadhar numbers, locations and phone number of people who registered for the vaccine.

However, the Health Ministry denied these claims. RS Sharma, Head, Co-Win Portal, said “The alleged reports of hacking of the Co-Win system on social media caught our attention.

We would like to point out that in Co-Win all vaccination data is stored in a safe and secure digital environment. This data is not shared with any outside agency other than Co-Win.”

According to security researcher Rajasekar, the leak of data from the Co-Win app is completely fake.

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