Be careful ! Models and Influencers are not the Same in Reality

Be careful about the people whom you follow. They may be models, influencers or film actors. Apparently, they do not live the same life as they portray in the media.

They do not ‘walk the talk’. Do not take them as your role models. There is more pretention than reality in their life. They live fake lives. Do not be carried away with their looks or pictures they post on the social media.

One such incident which came to light is that of an Insta model named Oceane’.

She posted a picture in Instagram which showed that Oceane was flying in a business class section of the airplane. The picture shows her in a green and purple tracksuit, with the business class section of the airplane visible behind her.

She wrote that she was flying from Dubai to Monaco. She also filled her social media feed with pictures from exotic locations around the world.

Unfortunately, This French influencer who boasts of 8 lakh followers and fills her Instagram with glamorous and exotic vacation pictures, got caught in a lie.

One of her fan noticed that she took pictures in the business class section but soon returned to her seat in the economy class . Moreover, this of Oceane sitting in the economy class took a photograph of her and later shared it on the social media. She can be seen wearing the same outfit as the one she had shared earlier.

While there is nothing wrong at all in travelling in the economy class, but fans should take objection to the fact that pretending to fly business class is very wrong on her part. Maybe she forgot that there are people around her to unmask her lie.

Hence, be careful about whom you follow and what you believe about them.