Amit Shah : Delivered a speech in a Pro CAA rally

pro caa rally

Mr. Amit Shah, the union Home minister delivered a speech in a Pro CAA rally on Sunday. He was extremely confident that the saffron surge would be unbeatable even in the upcoming Assembly elections like the Lok Sabha elections held last year.

He predicted that BJP would come to power in the elections next year by dethroning the present government of Trinomial congress.

The Home Minister reminded his party workers that they have to work very hard to achieve success in West Bengal.

He told them that he was planning to rule out dynasty politics and declared that no ‘Shehzaada’, a prince would not be the Chief Minister but the son of the soil would surely become the chief Minister of West Bengal.

Mr. Amit Shah criticized Trinomial Congress Supreme for tweeting against CAA and reiterated that all her efforts and movements against CAA would fail.

power in West Bengal with a huge majority. He also gave the statistics of how BJP’s vote bank has increased and how they came into power. He was confident that the progression would continue and not stop now.

He said that BJP got 87 lakh votes in 2014, 2.3 crore in 2019 and 18 MPs. He told the BJP workers that he would not rest till they do not receive one- third of the majority in the next Assembly elections. He said that he would be directly involved to bring in development in West Bengal.

Mr. Amit Shah said that no ‘sheazaada’ as the CM but only the son of that soil would emerge as the CM. Shah asserted that BJP would give citizenship to the refugees and also solve all the issues which need to come to an end.

Especially the injustice meted out by the Trinomial congress and also end the rule of it of a decade. He spoke on various issues and cautioned people who want to harm and break the country.

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