Why are film stars treated as trash by political parties?

film stars as politician

Most people feel film stars enjoy their position as a politician, but when a film star is converted into a politician, they are treated as trash. The possibility of doing both roles becomes less than zero.

The biggest problem is that film stars struggle to maintain their image in public. Politicians need to be connected to people, but as film stars, they stay away from meeting people. Film stars have a misconception that they only have to contest the election, but they should be in touch with people, and party workers and keep themselves updated with the political issues around them..

On the contrary, the film stars do not do the above said things. The political leaders take advantage of their limelight and use them to gain attention. Especially female film stars are expected to attend marriage or family functions, and the deaths of party leaders or workers. Film stars are rarely found debating about trending issues or people’s problems.

At the most, the film star may be a party spokesperson for some time or maybe found tweeting on Twitter.

If you do not believe me, find out what film actress Mrs. Khushboo Sundar is doing after switching to BJP.

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