Watch: Mother elephant and calf rescued from treacherous mud pit

Image: We Love Animals

In a heartwarming incident, a mother elephant and her calf were rescued from a treacherous mud pit by the rescuers. The video is now going viral all over the internet, and netizens started praising the efforts of the rescuers.

We love Animals, a part of Newsner, a digital news platform, released a video on its YouTube media. The rescuers worked tirelessly to extract both from the sticky pit, taking care not to hurt them in the process.

In the video, we can clearly see both the mother elephant and her calf were stuck in the mud in the middle of the forest. To save her calf from sinking, the mother elephant holds the calf with her trunk. This displays the true fighting spirit and care of a mother.

At first, the mother elephant didn’t let rescuers touch her calf. So, the rescuers sedated the mother to take the calf out of the mud pit. Later they tied ropes around the calf and dragged the calf out of the pit. But it again went to mother and get stuck in the pit.

The rescuers again pulled the calf out of the pit and sedate the calf to pull the mother elephant from the sticky pit.

Soon after the calf was peacefully grounded, the rescuers began the rescue operation to save the mother elephant. They dig around the elephant in order to tie ropes around her. Later they tied the ropes around her tummy and attached the ropes to three vehicles. The vehicles started pulling the elephant without hurting her.

After the immense efforts of the rescuers, they finally pulled the mother elephant out of the mud pit. They revived both elephants without hurting them. As soon the baby elephant wakes up, it goes immediately to his mother. This shows the unconditional love and bond they both have with one another.

This rescue was applauded by many of the netizens who praised their sincere efforts in saving the animals. Their efforts display kindness towards the animals in distress and remind us to protect and preserve wildlife.

#Heartwarming: Mother elephant and Calf rescued from Mud pit

Heart touching one. Watched in loops to brighten my morning…

A baby elephant & his mother are sinking in a muddy pit & neither can survive with out help. Heros moved in, Sussanta Nanda tweeted.

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