Why do Teens commit suicide? Know the reasons


Teens who consider suicide frequently believe they are in hopeless situations. The only option left to the teenagers is death. The teenagers believe they have no power to alter their circumstances,so they decide to commit suicide and end their life.

The primary factor leading to youth suicide in India is exam-related stress. According to Quint, Nyana Sabharwal the Co-founder of ‘We Hear You” said Every suicide victim claims they wish to pass away. The distinction is that we as a species don’t treat it seriously. It is an appeal for aid. We also sweep it under the rug.

In India, a student takes their own life once every hour. A large number of suicides were reported in the 15-29 age group. Between the ages of 4 and 16, 12% of students experience psychological illnesses and India has consistently reported high suicide rates.

Society must really work to close the achievement gap in the school sector with regard to mental well-being in order to ensure the holistic – physical, emotional, and mental well-being of children. It’s crucial to keep in mind that youths attempt or commit suicide not out of a wish to pass away but rather in an effort to get away from unpleasant circumstances or terrible emotions.

It’s uncommon for suicide to be caused by only one thing. This means that we can prevent teen suicide by assisting a kid in turning around a poor situation or by teaching him or her better-coping mechanisms for uncomfortable emotions.

Other reasons:

Exam pressure

Expecting them to study out of their interest

Love failure ,breakup’s

Strict environment

Hopelessness and helplessness

Emotional issues,

Low self-esteem or insecurities,

Bullying, cyber bullying, abuse, and


The answer is in the active participation of parents, teachers, and students in promoting mental health.

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