Human composting or Green method of burial is environmentally friendly


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Green method of burial is gaining fame across the world now. It is also known as composting or terramation. It is becoming a trend now as it is deemed environmentally friendly.

However, the Green method or termination doesn’t mean that the departed will be simply tossed on the compost heap. There is a process to be followed.

The remains must be delivered to the concerned authorities in the cemetery. They should be certified as an organic reduction facility, suitably contained and ventilated. I should not contain “a battery, battery pack, power cell, radioactive implant, or radioactive device”.

This new method of burial started in Washington. It legalized human composting in 2019. Eventually, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, California and New York legalized it.

Green method of burial procedure

In most cases, the deceased is placed into a reusable, semi-open vessel containing suitable bedding – wood chips, alfalfa or straw – ideal for microbes to go about their work. At the end of the process, a heaped cubic yard of nutrient-dense soil is given. This heap is equivalent to 36 bags of soil is produced that can then be used as fertilizer.

However, those who oppose this idea argue that people want a method of disposition in keeping with how they lived their lives.

Meanwhile, the Proponents of terramation say the process is economical as well as environmental, with the body transforming in six to eight weeks.

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Dr. Ruth Nischala
Dr. Ruth Nischala
Dr. Ruth is an Academician with an experience of 27 + years in the field of education. She is an accomplished Trainer, Speaker, Trained Psychologist and an Author. She loves to capture stories which inspire people to know the truth, while promoting the role of every citizen towards the society. Her visionary perspective earned her a few great opportunities to organize prominent campaigns for NGOs which work for various causes.

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