Israeli attack: 11 Palestinian journalists were killed and 20 injured

palestinian Journalists killed

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) said that 11 journalists were killed by Israeli army gunfire and more than 20 others were injured, since the Israeli aggression started on the Gaza Strip on October 7.

According to IANS, in a press statement, the syndicate added on Monday that 50 local, regional, and international media organizations were targeted in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, which have continued for 10 days. 

Moreover, two journalists have gone missing as they were covering the escalation between Gaza-ruling Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel, the syndicate said.

Xinhua news agency reported, it also noted that because of no power and internet problems in Gaza limited the ability of journalists to continue their coverage.

The Israeli military has prepared for an offensive by dropping thousands of bombs on Gaza, targeting Hamas commanders and their control centers.

According to media sources, More than 1,400 Israelis have died since the Hamas assault began. Israel said 289 of its soldiers have been killed. In Gaza, officials said the Palestinian death toll is at 2,808.

Palestinian Journalists killed

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