Indian Govt threatened to shut down Twitter, says former Twitter CEO


Twitter’s ex-CEO Jack Dorsey has allegedly claimed that the Indian government led by Modi pressured Twitter to block accounts covering farmer’s protest and criticising the government. Furthermore, he claimed that the Indian government threatened to “shut down” Twitter and conducted raids on its employee’s homes in the country.

The former Twitter CEO claimed this allegation during an interview with a youtube channel Breaking Points. Now his statements are going viral all over social media and raised heat among the ruling party members.

According to news sources, during the interview, he was asked ‘If he had any pressure from foreign governments.’ In reply, he said, “India, for example, India is one of the countries which had many requests around farmers protests, around particular journalists which were critical of the government, and it manifested in ways such as we will shut Twitter down in India… we would raid the homes of your employees’, which they did.”

He was replying to a question about receiving requests from powerful people all across the world while supporting free expression. The former Twitter CEO alleged that the government threatened to shut down their offices if they did not “follow suit.”

Furthermore, he added, “And this is India, a democratic country.”

Indian Government Threatened Twitter to shut down:

“Indian govt told Twitter to black out farmer’s protests & tweets by journalists critical of the govt. Threatened to shut Twitter down in India & raid the homes of Twitter employees, which they did. And India is supposed to be a democratic country!”: Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter.

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