Manipur riots go on international media but not in Indian media, Why?

Manipur riots go on International media, whereas our Indian media hasn’t spoken anything about the riots.

Hundreds of people in Manipur lost their homes. Burned ouat of their homes by the hundreds. Villages, even refugee camps, were burned and echoed with gunfire. Innocent men, women and children were beaten and set ablaze by angry mobs.

According to various reports in the International media, has now turned into a site of a war zone. Moreover, the numbers are stunning which states that more than 35,000 people have lost their houses and are living in camps. More than 100 people died in the recent riots.

Surprisingly, none of the media companies in India have shared this information. The International media states that, Manipur is now effectively divided into ethnic zones, as long-simmering tensions between two groups — the Meiteis, who form a narrow majority in the state, and hill tribes known as the Kukis — boil over.

The situation is so bad that the citizens who belong to the wrong group may not safely pass. To avoid the riots, many have painted their ethnicity on doors.

For centuries, Manipur was an independent kingdom occupying a fertile valley in the forested mountains between Myanmar and what locals still call the Indian “mainland.” The irony here is that the state is burning continuously after it has voted for the BJP.

The life of the natives, especially the Christians, is in danger. The women are raped, tortured and killed by the rioters. However, the natives claim that the riots are due to the intervention of political parties rather than the tribes.

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