Karnataka: Daughter killed mother, stuffed body in a suitcase

daughter killed mother in karnataka
Image Source : INDIA TV

In a tragic incident, a 39-year-old daughter allegedly killed her mother and reached the police station with a stuffed body in a suitcase in Bengaluru’s  Karnataka. According to MICO Layout Police, the accused, named Senali Sen, who lives in an apartment in the Bilekahalli area, killed her 70-year-old mother, Beeva Paul, in a fit of rage. 

According to police, a Preliminary investigation revealed that the accused, Senali used to have frequent fights with her mother. This every day’s fight forced the accused to strangle her mother to death.

On the incident day victim’s mother, Beeva, threatened her daughter that she would take sleeping pills and die. The accused Senali, with anger, forcefully made her mother swallow 20 sleeping pills and strangled her to death.

After the murder, the accused daughter stuffed the body of her mother in a blue suitcase and brought the suitcase to the Police Station yesterday.  A case has been registered against daughter Senali Sen under section 302 of IPC and other sections.

Police have arrested the accused. Further investigation is going on.

Daughter killed mother in Karnataka:

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