Cleaner and Greener Hyderabad By GHMC New Project

greener hyderabad

Hyderabad is now going to be a cleaner and greener Hyderabad by the new project taken up by GHMC.

Hyderabad is known for its rich heritage, culture and many historical monuments as it is a city that was built for 400 years and is also known for the modern amenities and its cosmopolitan culture which attracts thousands of tourists.

Hyderabad has gained its fame for many things but the cleanliness is the mater of concern, hence the GHMC is focusing on clean and green Hyderabad.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has decided to ensure sanitation at giving selected tourist places and has given contracts to private companies to make the city spick and span expecting positive results. 

Under this project, the municipal corporation has taken the help of agencies to ensure sanitation at Charminar, Secunderabad railway station, Mecca Masjid, High Court and Salarjung Museum. The responsibility of maintaining sanitation and cleanliness at these places will be entrusted to the agencies every year.

Ixora Corporate Services Private Limited has been entrusted with this project at Charminar and few other locations for the last 45 days. The premises around the monuments will be cleaned and washed by 100 workers and eight machines, including auto scrubbers, jet washers, mechanized sweepers.

These workers work round the clock in three shifts commencing from 6 am and the last shift starting at 10 pm and concluding at 6 am. Each shift has about 45 workers deployed along with machines to clear the trash and mop the flooring at Charminar.

Municipal corporations received positive feedback from this project within few days hence it is trying to invite more agencies to With tourists and locals providing positive feedback from the project, the municipal corporation has floated tenders inviting more agencies to continue the same work at all the other tourist places in nine circles.

The project also includes sweeping the roads, cleaning the sidewalks, and collect garbage from establishments and houses and both sides of the road stretch informed a senior official from GHMC.

Officials are also planning to maintain the public toilet facilities in the areas and if required new toilets should be set up to have a cleaner and greener city.