Hyderabad traffic Police to penalise auto drivers and shop owners

The Hyderabad traffic police conducted a eight month survey on traffic congestion. They have identified the factors causing traffic problems.

hyderabad police penalises auto drivers
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Traffic congestion has become the most irritating factor in Hyderabad these days. Hence, the Hyderabad city traffic police have initiated to solve this. They were trying to look for a permanent solution for traffic congestion.

The Hyderabad traffic police conducted a eight month survey on traffic congestion. They have identified the factors causing traffic problems.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, the Hyderabad traffic police recently met with various  representatives- auto-rickshaw unions, hawkers’ associations, TSRTC, and GHMC officials to discuss solutions to traffic congestion on city roads.

Joint Commissioner of police(traffic)

Joint commissioner of police (traffic), A.V. Ranganathan said traffic congestion was also due to the increasing number of vehicles. “Every year, the number of new vehicles increases by over 7 lakh. At the time of Telangana’s formation, there were over 42 lakh vehicles on the roads. whereas now there are more than 79 lakh vehicles on the same roads. However,   the count is expected to double in the next six years. We will seize the property of shop owners and hawkers on the sidewalks and prosecute them under the IPC. Added to that they will produce the seized material before the court. No one will be spared.”

Auto-rickshaw drivers

According to the survey, the auto-rickshaw drivers created unofficial parking lots in several locations. Hence, the police said they would penalise auto-rickshaw drivers who encroach on the roads or illegally or haphazardly park three-wheelers on congested roads.

  • The penalty would be between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000 each or seize their vehicles and hand them over the Road Transport Authority (RTA).
  • Further, auto-rickshaws would not be permitted to intercept buses or block traffic to pick up passengers at intersections.
  • The traffic police will take videos of rule breakers and produce them before court.

Shop owners

The survey found that shop owners encroach most of the pavements and roads.

  • Police have decided to seize their material and prosecute the shop owners found encroaching on footpaths and levy hefty penalties on them.
  • Police said they would will file criminal trespass charges on shop owners who dump their goods on footpaths or public passages.
  • Hawkers who repeatedly obstruct traffic will face criminal charges.

Bus Stops

Traffic police said they had identified 50-year-old bus stops near junctions that were causing traffic jams.

  • The police will relocate these to more appropriate spaces further up or down the road.

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