Kothaguda multi-level flyover and 11 more projects in Hyderabad this year

kothaguda flyover

KT Rama Rao, Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development inaugurated the New Kothaguda multi-level flyover today. After the inauguration, he addressed a gathering there. He said that 11 more projects under the Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP) will be completed this year.

In terms of SRDP projects, Rama Rao stated that Rs.80 billion has been spent so far. Eleven more projects will be finished in 2023, he stated.

The Bairamalguda 2nd level flyover, a six-lane flyover from Aramgarh to Zoo Park route, the Nalgonda X Roads to Owaisi Junction flyover and two flyovers in the Bagh Lingampally-Indira Park area are currently under construction.

Such SRDP projects are designed to cover major traffic routes and activity centers on all four sides of the city, as well as meet Hyderabad’s traffic requirements in the upcoming years.

The Kothaguda multi-level flyover is built at a cost of Rs.2.63 billion. It is the second longest flyover under the SRDP. With a length of 2.21 kilometers and two ramps of 784 meters each. The project also includes a 470-meter-long three-lane underground tunnel at the Kothaguda junction.

The SRDP works are favored based on the availability of funds and with limited acquiring land. In addition to State government assistance, finances for the projects are provided by GHMC funds. The funds raised through term loans, floating bonds and other means, according to a GHMC official.

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