Why some people hate Mahatma Gandhi


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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was fondly known as Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma roughly translates as ‘great soul’. He is admired by all walks of life in India and abroad. However, there are many people who hate him.

Undoubtedly, every man has a dark side, so did Gandhi but he certainly did amazing things. He changed the very face of activism and civil disobedience during our freedom struggle.

People in India after 2013 started talking very badly about Mahatma and insensibly just hate and blame Gandhi for everything which happened in our country. Few out rightly, say ‘We don’t like Gandhi’. When questioned, as to why they do not like Gandhi, they do not come up with a reasonable reply.

Some say that he was the cause for the partition of India. Many feel the same. But these people should read a few books on Indian History, Colonization, Contemporary World History and few books on political theory and sociology.

It is obvious that most people who hate Gandhi are clueless about Indian History. In fact they are aware of of only one-sided history or must be brainwashed. They may be influenced by some kind of extreme views or maybe they simply need someone who they can hate.

Gandhi was in all the ways, an impossibly kind and gracious person who would address anyone as ‘friend’. He was a man of vision and approach.

People around the world have profound respect for Gandhi despite his many flaws.

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Dr. Ruth Nischala
Dr. Ruth Nischala
Dr. Ruth is an Academician with an experience of 27 + years in the field of education. She is an accomplished Trainer, Speaker, Trained Psychologist and an Author. She loves to capture stories which inspire people to know the truth, while promoting the role of every citizen towards the society. Her visionary perspective earned her a few great opportunities to organize prominent campaigns for NGOs which work for various causes.

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