Vison 2047: Another promise for Indians after Acche Din and Amrit Kaal

modi vision 2047

India has a vision 2047 now, that is hundred years of Independence. According to the ruling party leaders, they aspire to make India a super-power. The aim is to attain new heights of prosperity by ensuring overall rural and urban growth, emerging from the effects of the pandemic.

India became independent seventy-five years ago. The country was in such a poor condition that it had to revive itself from the remains of the British empire.

Eventually India grew from a new country of 34 crore to a nation of 138 crore people belonging to different castes, religions, beliefs and cultures living together in a thriving democracy.

The continuous striving by the freedom fighters and the leaders who had a dream for the country brought us to where we are now. Their main aim was to make a peaceful, prosperous and progressive India.

As known to us, freedom brings along power and responsibility. Moreover, India is a land of diversity. Hence it needs to strive towards fulfilling that dream.

However, the present government which came into power in 2014 has been wooing people about good days, ‘Acche Din’. They came up with policies like demonetization and bad economic policies which failed drastically. To recover from the loss, it took years.

When they came to power again in 2019, they started talking about ‘Amrit Kaal‘. The politicians and leaders of this government are experts in giving assurances. People are of the hope of a real ‘Amrit kaal‘.

Alas! With the policies of the present government, India has tumbled, faltered and broken the hopes of most of the people during the pandemic and even after.

This land of diversity is being turned into a land of one religion and one party. Hence the beauty is being spoilt by spreading hatred in the country.