Recycle of Plastic waste into Plastic Roads


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A new technique has been found by an Indian genius which turns plastic waste into plastic roads. We know that plastic takes millions of years to disappear from our environment and it has become hazardous to mankind and every creature living on this planet.

They environmentalists have gone to the extent to say that invention of plastic is the biggest curse to nature. Since it doesn’t degrade quickly the waste dumping grounds are filled with it and in trouble to accommodate it.

Many ways have been suggested to reuse, recycle and reduce plastic but it was of no avail. Fortunately, an Indian scientist, Mr. Rajagopalan Vasudevan, has created a technique to create better roads with plastic and also curb the wastage hazards of plastic. He was awarded Padma Shree in 2018 for his research and contributions to the society.
When he thought to create roads made of plastic, he combined regular tar that is used to construct roads with plastic. Polymerized mix was used in the road construction. 50 gms of bitumen are used and 1/10th of this is plastic waste; this reduces the amount of bitumen being used and increase the quality of flexible pavements.
The combination of plastic and tar enhances the susceptibility of the road than the conventional road as the water doesn’t stagnate on this road.
The implementation of this technique has been started in panchayats, municipalities and NHAI.

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The “Ministry of Road Transport & Highways” has started a mission for reusing the plastic waste for which 26 thousand people  waste plastic in a big way. It has mobilized nearly 26 thousand people across the country for spreading awareness on plastic waste management collect plastic waste. Till now 18 thousand kilograms of waste plastic has been collected.
100,000 kilometres of roads made of plastic, have been laid in India. The other countries have also applied these techniques and have built roads made of plastic in different countries


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