Why is Hyderabad experiencing hot despite temperature fall, IMD-H explains

Image: Telangana Today

It is surprising to see that the temperature in Hyderabad is falling from what was expected, and yet Hyderabad is experiencing hot summers and are sticking in rooms with AC’s, Coolers, fans and carrying umbrellas whenever going out.

According to Scientist-C Sravani at IMD-H( India Meteorological Department-Hyderabad) that it is humidity which is causing this uncomfortable. This is because of enhance relative humidity due to the evaporation process. The temperature is less than a comparatively mild 36 degrees Celsius, and rain is falling. It is possible that the air where the rain is falling is not totally saturated with water vapour.

However as the air continually pulls water, the humidity will rise as the rain continues to fall. Even in modest temperatures, the humidity will be high, causing discomfort.

She says that even if temperatures are below 40 degrees Celsius, it will rise above 75% and even reach 100%.

From Monday the maximum temperature may be between 36 degrees to 40 degrees. It is guessed that rains are expected to reduce by which humidity is likely to drop.

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