Zero Shadow Day: Hyderabad to witness unique phenomena on May 9


Hyderabad is all set to experience a spectacular phenomena known as Zero Shadow Day on May 9 at 12.12 pm. Hari Babu, Birla Planetarium technical officer confirmed the news as per Telangana Today reports. People in the city are eargerly waiting to experience this unique celestial event.

For those in Hyderabad, May 9 at 12.12 p.m. is the perfect time to witness this amazing phenomena, Telangana Today reports.

This phenomenon occurs twice a year close to the equator, precisely between ‘Tropic of Capricorn‘ and ‘Tropic of Cancer‘. During this time, no living creature or inanimate object cast a shadow.

What is Zero Shadow Day? How does it Happen? Let’s us discuss abou it in brief.

Zero Shadow Day:

Zero Shadow Day occurs when the Sun is directly overhead and there is no visible shadow cast by objects on the ground. This happens twice a year in locations between the Tropic of Cancer (at +23.5 degrees of latitude) and the Tropic of Capricorn(at -23.5 degrees of latitude). The dates will change depending on where you’re located on Earth.

Usually the phenonmena is observed by placing a vertical object, such as a stick or a pole, on the ground at solar noon. If no shadow is seen or if the shadow appears to converge towards the object, it is called Zero Shadow Day.

The day is essential for scientists, photographers, and astronomy enthusiasts because it allows them to see the Sun’s position and identify changes in the Earth’s axial tilt.

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