Who is PM Narendra Modi speech writer? Shocking answer by PMO


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Who is PM Modi’s speech writer? How much does it cost? The answer to the question received from RTI is mind blowing.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives speeches frequently. He addresses the people of India, be it ‘Mann Ki Baat’, or ‘Chai pe Charcha’,. He tries to communicate with the nation through TV screens, the radio or his campaigns.

All of us know that PM Modi is busy traveling and giving speeches at many places, almost every day. He talks in many programs which include programs ranging from political rallies, laying foundation stone, starting a plan, or a program, addressing students and attending international conferences on many issues. He is ever traveling and ever talking PM of India.

You must be wondering as to how can a ever busy Prime Minister like Narendra Modi write so many of his speeches? Or a question may arise in you as to who is PM Modi’s speech writer.

Yes, you guessed it right as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy with hectic schedules every day, he can not write his own speeches. However, during this hectic schedule, he has to address people on many other issues including defense, health, education, budget, finance etc.

Among the many myths that have been told about the persona of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, one is about his oratorical skills. He has been portrayed as a great orator. He is endowed with the power to communicate forcefully with his audience. Many people believe this to be true.

PM Narendra Modi did not evade from addressing people even during the Corona period, he is seen addressing webinars almost every day. The big question is who is PM Modi’s speech writer?

A RTI (Right to Information) was filed in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to get the answer to this question. In this application, the information about people and their numbers who are involved in preparing PM Modi’s speeches for various occasions.

In this RTI, it was also asked how much money is spent for speeches to be written for the Prime Minister and how much money the people preparing it get for this work?

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister’s Office did not give any information about the amount to be spent in preparing the PM’s speeches. The PMO replied that the Prime Minister finalizes his speeches, after receiving input from various sources.

The PMO said, If the PM has to attend an event, then depending on the nature of the event, various individuals, officers, departments, institutions, organizations etc. send their inputs to the PM’s speech. After which, the PM himself finalizes his speech on the basis of these inputs.

The PMO in response to an RTI, stated that right from the time of Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi, the inputs for party speeches, ministries, concerned subject matter experts and personal teams working for PM for each of the Prime Minister’s speeches, they have been mobilizing teams and the continuation is still going on.

It is said that Jawaharlal Nehru used to spend a lot of time writing his speeches. But the amount of time that PM Modi personally gives to finalize his speech is not yet known.

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