Over 1000 COVID deaths Missing in Delhi’s Data

1000 covid deaths missing in delhi

Over 1000 COVID deaths Missing in Delhi. The count or numbers of COVID deaths revealed by the Delhi government is 1,938 whereas, the actual number is 3196. It means that 1,158 deaths went unregistered.

It is shocking to see the pictures of the innumerable burning pyres in the crematoriums. These pictures have made it to the cover pages of International magazines. Obviously, the numbers must be much more than the reveals figures. As per a survey done through the crematoriums and the hospitals, it is observed that over 1000 bodies have gone uncounted.

The data collected from all the crematoriums says that there were around 3196 deaths of Covid patients. On the contrary, the Delhi government shows the number as 1,938. Undoubtedly, 1158 deaths are missing in the Delhi data records.

The reason for this kind of mismatch is unknown yet.

Firstly, patients who die in their homes due to COVID are not registered as COVID deaths. If the death happens in the hospital and the, then it is termed as a COVID death else a normal one.

People have been struggling to find oxygen and the medicines but all their efforts go futile most of the the times and the patient dies. They breathe their last if they are unable to find a bed or oxygen. Such patients are put into a separate category, i.e ‘suspecting’. Hence these cases are not termed as COVID death.

The crematoriums are full and emit black smoke. The black smoke can be seen from a far off place too. According to the rules of the government, only 20 bodies should be burnt but now there are more than 35 bodies burning. Even a part of the park is made into crematoriums.

People have to stand in long queues for hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and then when the patient dies, to cremate them. People can be heard wailing loudly and cursing the government.

All this is happening across the country. Only deaths from the hospital mortuary are registered deaths, whereas the deaths at home and outside are not registered.

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