Myositis disease: All you need to know about the disease

samantha ruth prabu diagnosed myositis disease

Samantha, a South Indian actress was diagnosed with Myositis disease. This news has gone viral all over the media and shook the internet. The actress posted the news on her official social media sites.

Now the netizens are trying to find out what this new kind of disease is all about. However, Telugu actors Chiranjeevi and Akhil wished her to be strong strength and wished her a speed recovery.

Let us know what is Myositis, Symptoms and Treatment on this disease.

Myositis disease

Myositis simply means inflammation or swelling of the muscle. Few conditions are muscle weakness and pain include infection, muscle injury from medications, inherited diseases, electrolyte imbalances, and thyroid disease.


The symptoms of this disease include weakness, swelling, and muscle damage often appear gradually. People have trouble getting up from a chair, climbing stairs, or grasping objects with their hands. Patients may have symptoms such as falling, having trouble raising their arms, difficulty while swallowing food and other symptoms.

Types of Myositis

  1. Dermatomyositis
  2. Polymyositis
  3. Necrotizing myopathy
  4. Sporadic inclusion body myositis
  5. Juvenile forms of myositis


Many doctors and physicians are unfamiliar with the disease and its symptoms. Hence it is difficult to diagnose the disease. Doctors check with patients medical history and physical examination. It may include blood tests, muscle and skin biopsies and other related diagnostic tests.


There is no cure for any of the forms of myositis because it is a rare disease and is difficult to conduct adequate research to test new treatments.

People with this disease experience sore muscles after vigorous exercise, a condition that is temporary and improves with rest. Nevertheless, it is a serious illness that, in most cases, needs to be treated aggressively. With inadequate or no treatment, this might lead to significant disability and even death. However treatment for this disease includes a combination of drug treatment and exercise.

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