Massive Earthquake in Japan, Triggers Tsunami Alert, 2 Killed

A massive earthquake centered off the coast of the Fukushima region in North Japan. The earthquake hit at a depth of 60 kilometers after it hit at 11.36. An advisory said that tsunami waves of one meter was issued for parts of the northeast coast.

Two people were killed and dozens injured in an earthquake which shook parts of East Japan. The authorities have issued a tsunami warning on Thursday.

An earthquake of 7.4 magnitude hit few parts of Japan shortly before midnight. However, the authorities and the residents are trying to assess the damage, on Thursday morning.

Consequently, the authorities recorded recorded water levels up to 30 cm higher than usual in some areas. Hence, a tsunami warning for waves of up to a meter in parts of North East Japan.

Tremors continued to hit the region throughout the night and morning on Thursday.

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