Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan granted divorce from wife Aesha Mukerji

shikhar dhawan divorce

A Delhi Court on Wednesday granted divorce to cricketer Shikhar Dhawan from his estranged wife Aesha Mukerji. Indian cricketer was subject to cruelty and mental agony by his estranged wife Aesha Mukerji. She had two daughters from her ex-husband & a son with Shikhar.

Mr Dhawan and Aesha Mukherji married in 2012 and have a 10-year-old son, Zoraver Dhawan. Both Aesha and Zoraver are Australian citizens.

According to news sources, Aesha Mukherji had agreed to live with Dhawan in India at the time of marriage. But she refused later due to her commitment to her ex-husband and their two daughters in Australia. With constant quarrels between the couple, they filed for divorce in 2021.

According to Dawan’s petition, Mukerji had assured the cricketer to live with him in India, when they planned to get married. On the contrary, she failed to do so. Earlier, she had committed to her ex-husband and the two daughters she has with him, that she would take care of them. He also claimed that Aesha forced him to make her the owner of the three properties that he bought in Australia. She owned 99 percent of one of the properties and was a joint owner in the other two.

Delhi Family Court has accepted all the allegations made by Shikhar Dhawan against his wife in his divorce petition. Dhawan’s wife failed to defend herself. The judge accepted all the allegations made by Dhawan and granted him a divorce.

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