Doctors remove 3-inch long live worm from woman’s brain

doctor removed worm from brain

In a shocking incident, the doctor removed an 8cm or 3-inch long worm from a 64-year-old Australian woman’s brain.

According to Telangana Today, neurosurgeon Dr. Hari Priya Bandi was not expecting to pull out a live 8-centimeter (3-inch) long parasitic worm.

The Neurodoctor investigating a woman’s mystery symptoms in an Australian hospital plucked a wriggling worm from the patient’s brain.

Later, The neurosurgeon Dr Hari Priya Bandi, had pulled an 8cm-long parasitic roundworm from her patient wriggled between her forceps at Canberra Hospital last year.

Doctor Hari Priya while speaking to the media said, “I’ve only come across worms using my not-so-good gardening skills … I find them terrifying and this is not something I deal with at all,”. He also added that this was the world’s first discovery of a live worm inside a human brain.

Initially, the woman was admitted to a local hospital last year, in January 2021after suffering from abdominal pain and diarrhea. Followed by a constant dry cough, fever, and night sweats.

After a few months, her symptoms developed into forgetfulness and depression. Soon they shifted her to a hospital in the Australian capital. An MRI scan revealed something unusual in the right frontal moving in her brain. The doctor immediately operated on and removed the worm from her brain.  

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