Watch: UP teacher isolates a kid and asks other students to beat him

Image: Screengrab

In UP Muzzafarnagar, a teacher isolated a Muslim kid and asked other students to beat him. A disturbing video, which is viral on the internet now, shows a teacher being inhuman towards a child. A school, which is a place where knowledge and wisdom are imparted, has turned into a house where disparities are taught.

According to the video, a Muslim kid was isolated and made to stand in front of the class. Moreover, the shameless teacher asked all the other students to slap him. The teacher seems to be unapologetic, too.

Furthermore, the assistant who was recording the whole incident was enjoying and kept laughing.

Surprisingly, no complaint was filed against the teacher as the teacher had apologized to the father.

The teacher might be left scott-free, but the mind of the child will be bruised for his lifetime.


This is very alarming, a teacher in UPs Muzzafarnagar isolated a Muslim kid and asked other students to beat him.

The child kept crying and the staff recording this kept laughing.

Now the teacher had apologised and the Kids father has reportedly agreed to not file a complaint.

Seriously? Can this person get away with just an apology??

Make this viral !!, Baijuu Nambiar CFP tweeted.

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