Karnataka cab driver killed accountant and dumped the body in drain


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A 27-year-old cab driver killed a 48-year-old accountant and dumped her body in a drain. The cab driver is identified as Bheemaraya alias Bheema from north Karnataka. He told police that, he didn’t have an affair with Deepa. But he was upset with her for not answering his phone calls and avoiding him.

According to Times of India, Deepa is an accounts manager with a private firm near Hoskote, Bengaluru. She was a single woman and lived alone in a flat in Indiranagar. Deepa and her family members know Bheema since many years. 

On February 28, Deepa’s family member,  Balaji Jagannath, filed a missing complaint in police station. from the CCTV footage in her apartment showed Deepa going from the gate and walking towards the road at 7.35 PM on February 27. After that she was missing and her phone also was switched off. 

On March 5, Bagalur police informed the family about the body. The family identified it as Deepa’s body  with the help of her wristwatch, gold ring and cloth. The family suspected her cab driver could have murdered her.

Bheema was close to Deepa’s family members from seven months. He had come to take their blessings after purchasing a car.

According to Deepa’s uncle, Krishnamurthy, Deepa had called him to ask if all of them could go with Bheema to Nandi Hills. However, Deepa’s uncle said No and also told Deepa to maintain distance with him.

Police Investigate Bheem 

Police detained Bheema and questioned him based on the compliant given by Krishnamurthy. Later Bheema confessed to the crime. He said Deepa used to treat him like a family member and offered food to him. He was angry with her for not answering his phone calls and blocking his mobile number.

According to the police, Bheema confessed that he had asked Deepa, why she was not speaking to him as before. Deepa didn’t reply to his questions and said that she will not answer such questions. She was not ready to unblock him also.

On hearing this, Bheema got very angry. he took the can to a desolate place near Cambridge road and strangled her to death at 8.30 PM. later, he dumped her body in a drain near Bangalore.    

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