Jabbardasth comedian Nava Sandeep arrested for cheating

Image: NDTV

ETV’s most popular Telugu comedy show, Jabbardasth comedian Nava Sandeep, was reportedly arrested for cheating on a woman for love and marriage.

According to Sakshi reports, In 2018, Nava Sandeep met a 28-year-old lady while conversing on WhatsApp. Their bond gradually evolved into love.

When their connection became known in her home, Sandeep moved the girl to Hyderabad. He kept her in a hostel in Sheik Pet. The victim spent four years at that hostel.

In this order, the two grew physically close. But Sandeep, who had led her to believe he would marry her, revealed his true self. He denied liking her and stated that he would marry another woman.

When the girl realized she was cheated, she approached Golconda Police and lodged a complaint against him for justice. In the complaint, she reportedly mentioned he used her physically and cheated on her.

Later, the case was moved to Madhura Nagar police. The investigation is going on, and more details are to be awaited…

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