Girls should not be given mobile phones, UP Women Commission Member

up women commission

“Girls should not be given mobile phones. Girls talk with boys on phones for hours and later elope with them. Their phones are not even checked and family members are unaware of these things,” UP Women Commission Member Meena Kumari.

The above shocking statement is spoken by a member of the UP Women’s Commission on Thursday said that girls should not be given mobile phones. If given, constant monitoring should be there about their movements. She feels that this the solution to keep the girls safe from getting raped.

This video which is viral on the internet. When she was questioned about the increasing number of rape cases in different parts of the state, Kumari said the society should become responsible about the increasing crimes against women.

She also said that parents, especially mothers have more responsibility. Mothers’ should monitor their daughters.

However, UP women commission Meena Kumari clarified her remarks later. She said that she spoke about the girls from villages don’t know ‘how to use phone in the right way” Furthermore, she said that girls use phones to make friendship with males and then elope with them. She further added that smartphones are also being used to watch inappropriate content.

When Meena Kumari was questioned, how mobile phones are linked to rape? She said “ On a daily basis, I hear complaints of at least 20 women and 5-6 cases are related to friendships on phones and then they run away. In some cases, girls are lured and then sexually abused

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