Watch: Sarus crane follows UP Man, Netizens astonished


A small act of kindness can have a powerful impact on the world around us. Here a short incident which proves it. A video is  going viral on social media where Sarus, a crane is seen following a UP man. In the video we can see that Mohammad Arif, a man in UP is riding a bike and the is bird flapping her wings following him.

According to news reports, Mohammad Arif, a man from UP has a unique best friend. He works as a harvester operator in Mandka village, Amethi, Uttar Pradesh.

Arif while speaking to the media said, while working in his field he came across a bird that appears to be injured. The bird’s right leg was injured and was in severe pain. Arif was concerned about the bird’s well-being and decided to help the bird. He gently picked up the bird and took it to his house.

Later, he cleaned the injury and applied some medicine over it. He attached some bamboo sticks to the bird’s leg and sticked it with a tape and kept the bird in his outhouse. The man provided the bird with food and water. The bird recovered from the injury with in no time.

Arif prepared for its release back into the wild but surprisingly it didn’t want to leave the man’s side. Over the time, the man and the bird developed a strong bond. The bird follows him wherever the man travels. Everyone is amazed to see the bird’s loyalty and trust.

Sarus crane bird follow UP Man

Arif brought him to his house. Treated, given food and water. When the bird recovered, instead of going towards the forest, it stayed with Arif. When Arif takes the bike somewhere, it keeps flying above him, flying up to 30-40 kilometers and goes along with him. Now the stork is a follower of his savior, Gyanendra Shukla tweeted.

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