Cyberabad police busted Major Sex racket involving 14,000 victims

police busted major sex racket
Image source: Cyberabad Police twitter

Cyberabad police busted a major sex racket where 14,000 victims are involved. According to the police, staffers of local hotels were making quick money by the commission they get by involving in flesh trade.

The Cyberabad Police arrested 18 people who were part of a large interstate and international human trafficking network, on Tuesday.

Cyberabad Police Commissioner, says

Stephen Raveendra, Cyberabad police commissioner, said that  they would conduct additional investigations with the assistance of the Central Crime Station’s special investigative team (CCS).
He said, “We are gathering more evidence against the accused involved in the human trafficking network to build a strong case, & a CCS team will work on the case. They are conducting additional investigations, and the local police will assist as needed.”
According to Deccan Chronicle, a hotel receptionist in Gachibowli organized the racket by providing over 200 victims. Moreover, the manager of the Radisson hotel in Hitec City gathered the women and facilitated the prostitution racket.
Meanwhile, D. Kavitha, additional DCP of She Teams, revealed the people responsible for this racket. She claimed that Sarbeshwar Rout, a receptionist at Siesta Hotel in Gachibowli, & Rakesh Chandra Sharma, manager of Radisson hotel in HiTec City, were also involved in the racket. They organized and facilitated the human trafficking.
She informed that “Rout, after being promoted as a hotel receptionist, was taking commission from the men running the racket to facilitate the flesh trade & later turned  himself into an organizer in the last two years.
According to investigations, he supplied over 200 victims into prostitution from Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. He was arrested on December 1.”

Apart from the prostitution racket, the police are also looking into the drug aspect, specifically the supply of MDMA by the racketeers to both customers & victims.

The Cyberabad Police on Tuesday arrested 18 people involved in a major interstate and international Human trafficking network.