BJP appoints Amarinder Singh & Sunil Jakhar as national executive, Jaiveer Shergill as spokesperson

BJP included Ex-Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh and Sunil Jakhar and former Uttar Pradesh president Swatantra Dev Singh in the national executive. Moreover, appointed former Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill as its national spokesperson.

Shergill, 39, served as the National Media Panelist for the Indian National Congress. Currently, he is appointed as the spokesperson of the Punjab Pradesh Congress and Co-Chairman of the Legal Cell, Congress (Punjab).

As a unique initiative, Jaiveer launched a 24×7 legal toll-free helpline number to provide legal assistance to congress workers who are facing cases. Jaiveer has been an important voice in the media on a variety of economic and social issues. Moreover, it was not limited to foreign direct investment, reduced school conditions in Punjab, alarming drug use, women’s safety, and so on.

He is the youngest National Media Panelist of the Indian National Congress. He was also one of the youngest spokespersons of the Congress Party for Punjab.  In addition to that, he is the youngest person to be appointed as the Co-Chairman of the Congress Legal Cell for Punjab. Added to that, he served as the Young India Representative for the International Bar Association for a period of two years (2008–09).

Jaiveer regularly writes on many issues. terrorism, parliamentary functioning, government policies relating to digital infrastructure, financial planning, employment generation, impacts of rampant drug use, governance etc.

Recently,  United States of America invited Jaiveer, along with other policy makers from India. They visited US  for three-day dialogue at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. They discussed security issues concerning India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He resigned from the Congress party on 24th August 2022 due to sycophancy in the party.

He joined BJP on 2nd December 2022..

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