Why is Rahul Gandhi not the best alternative of Congress to Narendra Modi

rahul gandhi is not alternative to modi

Top five (5) reasons why Rahul Gandhi should not be the Congress’s alternative to Narendra Modi. Ramachandra Guha a gifted historian and commentator and a good friend of Rajmohan Gandhi doesn’t agree with these reasons.

According to Guha

* Rahul Gandhi comes up with poor slogans.

* Next, Rahul’s speaking skills are weak, especially in Hindi.

* He has no experience of managing a government department or a private company.

* He lacks stamina and tenacity.

* Finally, Rahul is a dynast at a time when, the public didn’t obey and have faith on someone because of his or her ancestry but they are willing to blame an inheritor for the failures, real or perceived, of forebears.

Before we face another national election, we have to recognize what is taking place in front of us the systematic hacking of pillars that have kept our democratic house from falling to the ground.

The Supreme Court of India delayed all the critical petitions that involve the lives and rights of millions. Enforcement officers make effective raids on opposition politicians and their relatives. Policemen tried to arrest the kin but not the accused. We saw Prime Minister monopolizing state-owned media and government-paid hoardings across the country but refusing to face a probing reporter. Media tries to fill the country’s atmosphere with toxic ill-will towards particular communities.

There are several questions for which the Government didn’t have any answers like where will opposition parties find the money? Will even remotely fair debates be allowed on TV channels? How will opposition candidates, and their relatives and supporters, deal with raids by officers of the state?

It’s a tribute to the Election Commission of India that most Indian elections so far seem to have reflected popular opinion. Can we be certain that this will be so in the future too? Believing that it’ll be, elections are going to be fought in 2024.

But guts will then be more important than ever before, and much more important than oratorical skills. There appears to be sufficient evidence that Rahul Gandhi isn’t deficient during this indispensable requirement.

Taking an official down could also be an unavoidable and even a required task during a democracy, but Gandhi suggests in today’s India that all folks who think of ourselves as critical commentators may have to re-examine our role. When the time comes, popular pressure will compel political unity, and therefore the right person is going to be chosen to steer an electoral alliance against domination and coercion.

The Test matches are a long way away, but important contests are happening a day. It’s a tough pitch to play in today, the sunshine is poor, there’s wind and rain, and that we do not know how impartial the umpires are. But Rahul Gandhi is playing with pluck. Bravo!

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