Assam Youth Congress chief accuses BV Srinivas of Harassment


Angkita Dutta, Assam Youth Congress chief has accused Congress (IYC) national president Srinivas BV of harassment and gender discrimination against her.

Furthermore, she claimed, that despite her multiple complaints, no inquiry committee started investigation against him.

According to News18, Dr. Angkita Dutta, the chief of the Assam Youth Congress, stated in a series of tweets today that she informed Rahul Gandhi of Srinivas’ harassment and insulting words towards her. Also added, after a series of complaints no action has been taken so far.

Youth Congress chief accused Srinivas:

Angkita Dutta called Srinivas “sexist” and “chauvinistic” and tweeted, “I am a woman leader.” “How am I supposed to encourage other women to join if I am subjected to such harassment?”

“IYC President Srinivas has continually harnessed me and was discriminating on the basis of my gender. My values and education doesn’t allow me anymore. The leadership has played deaf ears despite bring front of them MANY TIMES”, she tweeted.

Later she tweeted, “I am a four generations congressmen. I have contested in the internal organization twice, make booth committee, beaten by police. My education from Political Science to LLB in Delhi Uni, to PhD in Guwahati University. We keep quiet for the sake of the party. But harassment doesn’t stop by Srinivas”.

No enquiry initiated

“Despite my complaints, no enquiry committee has been initiated against Srinivas. Is this the safe space Rahul Gandhi talks about women Priyanka Gandhi”, she tweeted.

Srinivas Response on Dutta’s Allegations:

In response to Dutta’s charges, Srinivas stated whoever found propagating/peddling false and defamatory matter will be held guilty under the appropriate laws and will be held accountable for their actions.

Meanwhile, the IYC legal cell stated that Dutta has used completely unparliamentary, undignified, defamatory, and malicious words against Srinivas and has levied completely spurious claims against him. The cell stated that it is taking strong/stringent legal action in the case.

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