Union Minister Ajay Mishra’s “Bloody” Past

ajay mishra

On September 25, 2021, a video went viral of Union Minister for State Ajay Mishra Teni in which he is heard openly challenging the agitating farmers. He was speaking in a BJP meeting.

Open Threats to farmers

Meanwhile, many in the whole country were shocked to hear him threatening the farmers openly. However, the farmers of Lakhimpur were not shocked as they already knew about the ‘bloody’ past of the Minister. They knew him very well as he represented them in the parliament.

Ashish Mishra took it Seriously

Apparently, his son, Ashish Mishra, took his threats of dire consequences to the farmers very seriously. He mowed down farmers, when they were peacefully protesting against the Union Minister’s remarks.

Summons Issued

Consequently, an FIR was filed against Ashish Mishra, son of Minister Ajay Mishra. Immediately, Ashish went untraceable. The police served summons to him to appear before the Police for questioning, but it went vain. Ashish Mishra, did not appear before the top cop, while the top cop kept waiting for him

Ashish Mishra Appears before the Police

However, on Saturday, he appeared before the court saying that he was suffering from ill-health. He carried affidavits from over 12 people saying that he was not in that place on that day.

16 years Ago 

Reportedly, Ajay Mishra, played the same drama 16 years ago. Ajay Mishra was accused of a murder of a local youth Prabhat Gupta. Ajay Mishra produced over 15 similar affidavits denying his presence at the spot of the crime. Undoubtedly, he was set free as there was lack of evidence.

The million dollar question now is that whether the same strategy will work for his son in these modern days of technology.

Political entry and Journey

Ajay Mishra entered politics in 1996. He joined BJP as a worker of Yuva Morcha. ‘Teni’ was unanimously elected as the Director of the District Co-operative Bank of Lakhimpur Kheri in 1998. Ajay Mishra became the President of the District Panchayat in 2005. He contested from the Nighasan assembly seat on BJP ticket in 2007. However, he lost by a close margin of 1008 votes.

He lost in 2009 and 2012 elections, consecutively as an MLA. Ajay Mishra won the Kheri seat on a BJP ticket and became an MP in 2014 and then in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

Included in the Cabinet

Surprisingly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi included Ajay Mishra, as the Union Minister of State for Home in the recent cabinet expansion in July. BJP included him to target the Brahmin votes in the Rohilkhand area.

Ajay Mishra is a History-sheeter

The recent incident of mowing down the farmers by Ashish Mishra reveals so much of the father-son duo and their characters. Their image is tainted in the entire area now. Everyone knows that Ajay Mishra has been a history sheeter since long.

People knew the atrocities of the father and son but now the whole world knows that they have a history-sheet on their name.

Ajay Mishra Denies allegations

However, Ajay Mishra denies all the allegations of being a history-sheeter. Defending himself, he said that the history sheet was opened by conspiring against him.

He claims that the High court has withdrawn all the cases against him. He greatly boasts” It is my achievement that I have never been imprisoned in the police station nor have I ever been to jail”