Have you lost your Job in India’s Covid-19 Lockdown? Write to us!

job loss due to covid

Avaaz24 want to hear from readers who are in insecure jobs or lost their jobs due to India’s Corona Virus Lockdown.

India has been in lockdown for almost two months last year. With the upsurge of Corona Virus second wave, many are left jobless. They do not get any relief from the government too.

The government at least gave some groceries and meagre amount to the poor in the first wave. But there are no signs of anything like this in the second wave. There is no direct income scheme from the government in India, unlike other countries.

The situation is even more worse if people had to isolate themselves or quarantine for 14 days. Finally, people who lost their loved ones and had to spend a lot for their medical expenses.

If you have lost your job, you are not alone. We would like to know how you are coping? Don’t give up, it’s time for you to pursue your dream role.

Write to us and get featured on our Talk Show ” The Unscripted Stories” and let your dreams be heard to the world. You might get some decent and respectful opportunity.