Dilkhush Kumar: Bihar’s vegetable seller turned Entrepreneur

Dilkhush Kumar

Dilkhush Kumar, the founder of RodBenz has become the subject of numerous news articles due to his successful startup. RodBez is a business that links customers with taxi drivers for trips of more than 50 kilometres. The main aim of this start up is to connect every village in Bihar with taxi services.

Dilkhush was once a rickshaw puller and vegetable seller. But now he is running a successful start up.

With his business model, he has created job opportunities to large number of people. These include not only just taxi drivers but also graduates from IIT and IIM.

According to news reports, in the first phase, the platform claims to have spread its services from Patna to every village in the state, with the second step scheduled to connect cities. The company pays around 50k-60k only to its drivers.

Journey of Dilkhush Kumar

As per media reports, Dilkhush Kumar, is from a small village in Bihar. After completing his class 12, he began working as a rickshaw puller and vegetable vendor.

Despite facing rejections in job interviews,  he never gave up on what he dreamed for. His father is a bus driver. He learnt driving from him to earn money. He always wanted to start his own company.

Later he started RodBez using just a used Tata Nano, but his team was able to acquire Rs.4 crore in funding within 6-7 months of its introduction. His vision has attracted graduates from prestigious institutions who supported his start up.

Through hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to adapt, he was able to overcome challenges and build a successful business, becoming a respected entrepreneur and a role model for others.

His success story serves as an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to build a successful business.

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