Six-year-old boy detained by police after shooting his teacher in Virginia

six years old boy shot teacher
Image source: The Hindu

A six-year-old boy shot and injured a teacher in Virginia on Friday. According to the Newport News police and school officials, the incident happened after a heated argument inside a first-grade classroom.

Surprisingly, except for the teacher, no students were injured in the Richneck Elementary School shooting. However, the teacher, a 30-year-old woman, sustained life-threatening injuries. The condition of the teacher is stable now.

On the contrary, everyone wants to know where the child collected the gun. Apparently,  the incident was not “an accidental shooting”. According to Mr. Drew, the city’s police Chief,  hence they took that student into custody.

Reportedly, the school had metal detection systems. However, the students have been checked at random and not every child was monitored

the Drew told reporters that there was no situation where someone was happening around the school shooting. And there is a situation in which a gunshot was fired in one particular location. He went on to say that the shooting was not an accident.

Moreover, he announced that the school would be closed on Monday. And promised that students and parents would be given assistance in dealing with the traumatic event.

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Person who shot and injured a teacher at Virginia elementary school turned out to be a 6-year-old boy.

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