From Saree-Pulling to a Culture of Violence, we always set a New Trend

India boasts about many developments in all walks of life. Certainly, there is lots of progress in the way of life but the only thing which did not see any change is the mindset of the politicians in India.


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Nobody knows the name of Modi’s father, ‘Chaiwala’, ‘bar dancer’, ‘pappu’ such verbatim is common among the politicians and their followers. But little do they know that low-level jibes insult the intelligentsia of India. This cheap talk belittles the pride that achievers like scientists, artists, engineers and sports people bring to the nation.

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In a country which has a history of saree-pulling and name-calling to prove that the people of other cultures are inferior to them, the language of politics is the same, be it North or South. Most of the politicians feel that personal jibes on others will end them up making heroes of their audience.

India boasts about many developments in all walks of life. Certainly, there is lots of progress in the way of life but the only thing which did not see any change is the mindset of the politicians in India.

The jibes would have been better spent discussing procurement prices or credit for farmers, jobs for youths and why Kashmir continues to burn despite efforts by all parties. More importantly, talking about the burning issues such as jobs, health, poverty and education may be more effective in connecting voters with real issues.

Off late a culture of violence such as attacking the opponents has become the new trend to win the elections.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was allegedly attacked by four to five people who pushed her and shut the door on her foot. She even complained about breathlessness and chest pain.

mamata banerjee injured

However, the recent developments in politics are that the personal jibes transformed into violence to seek votes. People with criminal records are given party tickets and crime has become a normal thing. What can you expect from the politicians who became leaders because of their criminal records.

The Congress may gain votes from BJP or vice versa may happen. The only way to raise the standard of politics is to abide by a code of ethics, which seems near to impossible in India.

Dear educated Voter, Wake up! It’s high time now. Stop supporting imaginary prides like caste and creed. Start thinking about future of your nation.

Ben Chintada
Ben Chintada
Ben is a Sr. Journalist at Avaaz24. He heads the team of Investigative and Data Journalists. Before his Media & Advertising career, he was in the IT Industry. He is fascinated with producing stories on political trends and activism.

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